World Honey Bee Day (WHBD)

World Honey Bee Day will be celebrated on 20th May, 2019-20

Idea of celebrating World Honey Bee Day was originated in USA by beekeepers to put together.

Previously, it was known as Honey Bees Awareness Day.

Officially announced by USDA in 2009, as an official day to honour honey bees and beekeeping.

People across the Globe are celebrating this event every year.

Upto 2017, the World Honey Bee Day was being celebrated every year on 3rd Saturday of August.

Therefore, this year the World Honey Bee Day was celebrated on 20th May in all parts of the country by all the stakeholders.

Main theme of celebrating World Honey Bee Day is to SAVE HONEYBEES.

Honey Bee lovers want to give message about importance of honey bees for :
            #    sustainable development of agriculture through pollination support,
            #    importance in human life,
            #    environmental sustainability,
            #    maintaining bio-diversity,
            #    generating income and employment
            #    adoption for livelihood.

Honeybees converts nectar and pollen into very valuable food, otherwise it goes waste, if honey bees/beekeeping is not adopted.

Hence, honey bees are very much important in overall sustainability of life on earth.